Ship design

Studio Garbarino has got experience in full design of work boats and other relatively small-sized vessels, including yachts and motor boats. This capability covers structural dimension calculations, systems engineering, propulsion calculations including, in cooperation with specialized professionals, architectural design of the hull. In the case of bigger vessels, in cooperation with experienced professionals, it is ready to develop the whole design in collaboration with an effective team, following well-defined requirements given by the Customer.

Studio Garbarino is capable of developing detailed design in order to: modify existing vessels, design parts (like hatch covers, sponsons, foundations for cranes, partial superstructures, etc.) but also some minor civil structures such as spreaders for lifting and launching boats ashore/at sea.

The Studio has executed both structural calculations (for verification of existing structural details and/or for dimensioning new ones) and stability calculations, in order to prepare and issue Loading Calculations booklets since 1998.