Ships management

Studio Garbarino has acquired in the last two decades a deep knowledge in management of fleets of various types (bulk carriers, oil tankers, chemical tankers, Ro-Ro passenger, supply vessels, etc.) or of single vessels, from technical, safety and security point of views. It is therefore ready to satisfy the Customer requirements in terms of Safety Management, Security, ISO certifications, TMSA. Its competencies allow to organize planned, ordinary or unscheduled maintenance of equipment, to keep costs under control (based on budgets), to monitor vessels performances and to carry out structural evaluation for repairs; all according to the applicable Rules and Regulations in force.

Studio Garbarino can be on “front line” supporting teams of Technicians and Superintendents in order to share information and to coordinate their actions for achieving the target if needed.

The commitment in keeping the highest standard is considered a MUST.

This service includes the possibility to develop manuals on ISM, ISPS (Ship Security Assessment & Ship Security Plan), ISO (9001, 14001, 50001) as well as SOLAS safety manuals.